What’s Old is New Again

Not all removals end up as firewood or mulch — I mean, duh. From chopsticks to furniture, our friends at Arborbuds make some of the coolest stuff. Check out these barstools Jay G. crafted from raw timbers

arborist falls church va wood
Jay’s beautiful barstools — red and white oak.

“Could you do me a favor?”

Julian – June 2017

Aside from reforestation and healthy clean-up, we like to bring a smile to the little ones watching us work. In this case, our client asked us to make a “love seat” for his 8 year-old daughter. The little lamb couldn’t have been happier!

Husqvarna Supports Breast Cancer Awareness — So Do We!

Breast Cancer Awareness and early detection is a topic near and dear to my heart. Those around me know how grateful I am to my mother’s team of oncologists, physicians, and care givers. In her mid 70’s she has endured quite a lot and faced it with poise and equanimity — she’s awesome.


From the folks at Husqvarna:
Support breast cancer awareness and education with Husqvarna. While supplies last, Husqvarna will donate $3 to Men Against Breast Cancer for each purchase of a limited-edition pink toy chainsaw, available for sale only at your local Husqvarna dealer!

Until November 15, you can also enter to win a pink Husqvarna 450 Rancher chainsaw and pink toy chainsaw by filling out the form below!*

You can learn more by liking our page at http://www.facebook.com/HusqvarnaUSA. After entering or purchasing your pink toy chainsaw, continue to support the effort by sharing the giveaway on social using the following hashtags:
#HusqvarnaCares #SawsForACause #HusqvarnaPink 


Caring for Our Customers as well as Their Trees

“Mark Cavich and his workers just finished doing some excellent tree work for a neighbor and my wife and me.  Mark is the owner of Arborbuds.com, (C) 301-633-9235.  Between us, we had one dead White Oak, 2 dying White Oaks and a Beech tree.  Prior to being contracted, Mark thoughtfully and carefully reviewed alternatives with us, including cost implications.  We are very pleased with his work, his professionalism and his delightful interpersonal skills.  He is to come back later in the season to trim a Weeping Cherry Tree and a Japanese Maple tree for us.  We highly recommend him.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, Mike (Sr).”

Michael J. Korin, Falls Church, VA

arborbuds tree service 2017
One of three diseased oak removals from the Korin’s property. Notice the level of stag horned leads.

Storm Damage Clean-Up

“I wanted to give a big thanks and provide a strong recommendation for Mark Cavich and his team at Arborbuds.  Mark and his team spent two days removing 1 large oak tree and 8 other smaller trees that were downed in our yard as a result of last Thursday night’s storm.  Mark and his team were extremely professional, hard-working, and offered creative solutions in the removal of the trees and debris.  We spoke with many tree companies and found Mark’s estimate to be extremely fair and reasonable.”

Robert Mitchell, Falls Church, VA

arborbuds tree service 2017
Mitchell 08, 2017 – Microburst in Falls Church, Virginia knocked down dozens of enormous trees. Homes were destroyed, power was interrupted for days/weeks in some cases. Arborbuds teams safely removed trees from 4 homes in these efforts.




Building a culture of trust and friendship

Over the years, the team at arbor buds has become well trusted by residential and commercial clients. From reforestation, removals, to pruning; we take great care with every task we undertake. Please call us for a free estimate – cell: 301 633 9235. We have plenty of references, healthy trees, and smiling faces to back our work!